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Eagleville Tae Kwon Do Academy Lineage

Grand Master Lou Giamo trained under Grand Master Byung Yul Kwak. Grand Master Giamo attained his 9th Dan from Chang Moo Kwan in January 2017 and 8th Dan Kukkiwon in September 2015.

GM Kwak is a 9th Dan Chang Moo Kwan and 8th Dan Kukkiwon. He is the Head of Mun Moo Kwan in the US. GM Kwak's first teacher was GM Jeong Duk Cho. His second teacher was GM Yun Hun Shin. GM Shin sent GM Kwak to the US in November 1970 as his Mun Moo Kwan representative.

GM Jeong Duk Cho is a 9th Dan Kukkiwon and 9th Dan Chang Moo Kwan. He is the current head of Chang Moo Kwan in Pusan, Korea. GM Cho's instructor was GM Nam Suk Lee.

GM Nam Suk Lee was the founder of Chang Moo Kwan. He passed away August 29, 2001 at the age of 76, after a prolonged illness. He was a 9th Dan Chang Moo Kwan and Kukkiwon.

GM Yun Hun Shin is the founder of Mun Moo Kwan. Mun Moo Kwan was the official school of Suwon Air Force Base in Korea in the 1960's. At present I am still looking for more information on GM Shin. Anyone who could help me with this search is welcome to contact me at

Grand Master Giamo also started training with Grand Master Jin Young Kim, Kukkiwon 9th Dan, in Korea in 1982. GM Kim operates Dragon Kim's Taekwondo in Oklahoma.

Eagleville Tae Kwon Do Academy

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