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Instructors 3rd Dan and Higher

Master Lou Giamo - Chang Moo Kwan Taekwondo 8th Dan, Kukkiwon Taekwondo 8th Dan, USAT Class "A-1" Referee, WTF Poomsae International Referee; WTF Kyorugi International Referee

Master Giamo served in the US Army as an Infantry and then Special Forces officer. He was with the 2nd Infantry Division in Korea where he captained the 23rd Infantry Regiment TKD team in 1982 and 1983, the 82nd Airborne Division at Ft. Bragg, NC where he trained the 82d ID (Airborne) hand-to-hand combat demonstration team for the 1984 ROTC Recondo training, and the Army Special Forces (Green Berets). Master Giamo left the Army as a Major.

Master Giamo began his Taekwondo training in 1974 under Grand Master Byung-yul Kwak. In 1978 Master Giamo received his 1st Dan and also started the Taekwondo club at LaSalle University in Philadelphia. He continued his training while in the military studying in Korea while assigned to the 2nd Infantry Division under Grand Master Jin-young Kim. Grand Master Kim moved to the United States in 1983 and they continue their relatinship as teacher and student to this day. He began teaching at Eagleville TKD Academy in 1989. Master Giamo has been active in the USAT since 1977 and the AAU since 1997. He is currently a USAT Class "A-1" referee and a Level 1 coach. Master Giamo is also a World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) Poomsae & Kyorugi International Referee. He was also was the first Chairman of the Middle Atlantic AAU Taekwondo Program (1997-1999). Master Giamo still competes at the National Level in poomsae (forms) and coaches both forms and sparring competitors at all levels. Master Giamo was appointed as the Head of Chang Moo Kwan in PA July 25,2016.

Master Giamo's Certificates: 9th Kub Yellow Stripe (very first promotion certificate) May 12, 1974
1st Dan Nov. 10, 1978 2nd Dan Sept. 9, 1981 3rd Dan Feb. 27, 1985 4th Dan Oct. 21, 1991 5th Dan Feb. 5, 1996
6th Dan May 5, 2001 7th Dan July 20, 2007 8th Dan Sept. 5, 2015 Chang Moo Kwan 9th Dan Jan. 16, 2017 Kukkiwon Instructor's 1st Class Certificate Kukkiwon Certificate of Appreciation
Kukkiwon Letter of Appointment to Advisory Committee USAT Level 1 Poomsae Referee Certificate USAT A-1 Referee Certificate WTF Poomsae IR WTF Gyoruji IR  

Master David Skolka - Kukkiwon 5th Dan, USAT Class "C" Referee

Mr. David Skolka is the Senior Instructor at Eagleville TKD. He is in charge of all Black Belt activities and acts as the senior judge at all belt rank testings.

Master Paul G. Cummings, Sr. - Kukkiwon 5th Dan, USAT Class "A-1" Referee, WTF Poomsae International Referee, WTF Kyorugi International Referee

Master Jerry Weber - Kukkiwon 5th Dan

Mr. Weber began his martial arts study informally about age 8 under his uncle, Carmen Pelusi. Sensei Pelusi introduced him to fundamental Aikido and Jujutsu self defense techniques at that time. Shortly after, Mr. Weber began taking Judo classes where he lived in Pittsburgh, PA. His study of Taekwondo started shortly after moving to the local area. He began studying Oh Do Kwan Taekwondo under master Kong Young Il at his Pottstown school in 1983, and had earned his 1st Dan there in 1986, followed by 2nd Dan in 1988. His Judo study was re-established at the Pottstown Judo Club during his later high school years, in addition to time on the Freestyle Wrestling team. Martial arts encouraged him to pursue exercise physiology in graduate school, leading him to earn a master’s degree in that field, with research emphasis in biochemical and physical effects of stretching and flexibility training.

Mr. Weber started to formally study Aikido under Sensei Pelusi in Gautier, Mississippi in 1990, and has continued since. He currently holds a rank of 2nd Dan instructor the Eight Winds Aikido Society. In 1998, his Taekwondo pursuits lead Mr. Weber to Eagleville Taekwondo Academy. His studies continue there under Master Louis Giamo. Mr. Weber is currently 5th Dan in Kukkiwon Taekwondo. In 2000, he made an inquiry into Bong Soo Han’s International Hapkido Federation, and enjoying the diversity of the style, eventually earned his 1st Dan under Master Han in Santa Monica, CA in 2004. Mr. Weber had taught group Hapkido lessons at Eagleville Taekwondo Academy 2003 through 2009, and still teaches private or small group lessons upon request.

Mr. Anthony Pacaro - Kukkiwon 5th Dan

Mrs. Mary Beth Mitchell - Kukkiwon 5th Dan. Mrs. Mitchell has been a member of the USA Taekwondo National Poomsae Team. She has competed internationally with the team in Vladivostok, Russia and Tunja, Columbia.

Mrs. Paola Nogueras - Kukkiwon 4th Dan, USAT Class "D" Referee

Miss Lisa Giamo - Kukkiwon 5th Dan

Miss Giamo is currently attending Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC to complete her PhD. work in Social Psychology.

Mr. Benjamin Dagana - Kukkiwon 4th Dan, USAT Class "D" Referee

Mr. Waimen Leung - Kukkiwon 3rd Dan, USAT Class "D" Referee

Mr. Waimen Leung is currently on military leave from the dojang. He graduated from West Point Military Academy May 29, 2004 and was commissioned as an officer in the Infantry. He currently holds the rank of Captain. He returned to the US after a successful tour as a military advisor to the Iraqi Police in Baghdad and Sadr City. Mr. Leung has placed in two USAT Jr. Olympics (1994 &1995).

Miss Anya Vigdorchik - Kukkiwon 3rd Dan

Mr. William Lorenz - Kukkiwon 3rd Dan

Dr. Marie O'Donnell - Kukkiwon 3rd Dan

Dr. O'Donnell is also the Chief Instructor for Competitive Edge Taekwondo in Fort Washington, PA.

Mr. Scott Taddonio - Kukkiwon 3rd Dan

Mr. Michael Taddonio - Kukkiwon 3rd Dan

Miss Lauren George - Kukkiwon 3rd Dan

Mr. Tae-hoon Oh - Kukkiwon 3rd Dan

Mr. Dong-hoon (Dan) Oh - Kukkiwon 3rd Dan

Dr. Tom Mitchell - Kukkiwon 3rd Dan

Mrs. Cha Giamo - Kukkiwon 3rd Dan

Miss Alex Wat - Kukkiwon 3rd Dan

Miss Swetha Chengalvala - Kukkiwon 3rd Dan

Mr. Luke Artman - Kukkiwon 3rd Dan

Miss Emma Davis - Kukkiwon 3rd Dan

Eagleville Tae Kwon Do Academy

Eagleville Tae Kwon Do Academy - 6 N. Park Avenue, Norristown, PA 19403-1317 - (610) 630-8272